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Garlic Wagyu Steak

It's easy to make your own delicious Garlic Steak, a few basic ingredients and you're all set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your prices?

A: Prices are dependant on the specifications of the particular Wagyu products of interest.
Therefore we must know

  1. What primal cuts are of interest to you
  2. The specific Marble Score(s), and
  3. The Quantities of each of these primal cuts that you require.

We can then supply you with an FOB or a C&F Price(s). Insurance is usually taken out by the importer but we can quote CIF if requested to do so.

Please complete our online enquiry form for importers so that we can give you a quote or price indication.

Q: Do you ship via Sea or Air?

A: We usually send our orders via Air Freight.

The cost of air freight is very dependant on the quantity shipped. Of course the heavier the consignment the cheaper the shipping cost.

We have the prices for air freight to many places in the world. Once we know the destination of the shipment we can send you the appropriate table showing the relationship between shipped load and the cost of air freight.

With this knowledge you/we can rapidly estimate the likely C&F Prices. But we must understand that the cost of air freight will change each time you alter the total quantity ordered.

We can organise Sea Freight if requested.

Q: Do you ship your products Chilled or Frozen?

A: Our products are shipped Chilled in vacuum sealed bags. Frozen is available on request and there is a small charge to do so.

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